Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Failures and a new concept in mind. =))

Hhhhmmm.... (as I'd like to start my posts)

This blog for gaining money has been a failure. *sighs* Like all the many other things that brush me, I lost interest... swiftly, like a mere blow in the wind.

So.... I decided, or decide, that I should instead, focus on making this a... somewhat... better blog. No longer for gaining profit (for now) and focus on writing stuff (should I get time and be bored and decide to do some writing).

So, seeing as I don't have any followers (yet), I guess this is just it for now...

Friday, May 20, 2011

And now... to beautify my blog

Wow... did I just use the word beautify?

So anyway, I click the "View Blog" link in my dashboard and was taken to view my blog... the one I just created 20 minuets ago. I scratched my chin and said to myself "There is something missing", you know, aside from actual posts, they will come in time.

So I am sitting here (or was sitting there, in the future), looking at my newly created blog, and thought how 'simple' it felt. Don't get me wrong, I likedsimple, simple is good. However, this was just, how do you say it, too simple. Then it hit me! I needed to make the page more... 'not too simple'.

I'm a basically lazy guy and i quit figuring out html coding for webpages ever since the "friendster boom", so I'm asking anyone, who, is not THAT busy, to help me design my newly created blog (I know a little bit of MSPaint to help you out XP).

Of course, there won't be any monetary gain in your part, but, you will be a good samaritan soul and you will be able to sleep soundly at night thinking that you have helped a total stranger... me. ^^

Again, live, love and smile... unless you're totally depressed then go get help. :)

Creating my Blog

Hhhmm.. I don't know where to begin... but I guess saying that would also be a start, and a good start hopefully.

So, summer break is here, in my country (and I'd be guessing that if you are not from my country, school is still going on at the moment). So anyway, I got bored, clicked a few links, and found out about this online home job or something website. I started to check it out, and mostly because there was this word free and income in one sentence and I knew I just had to check it out.

Anyway, I read, and read, checked my facebook for any updates, didn't find any, then went back to the other tab and read again. To jizz it all out (this sounds awkwardly green, though I didn't mean it to be like that), you just place an ad in your website/blog/email/basically anywhere that you own in the internet and as long as people clicked that, you get money. Simple enough.

Then, reality strikes (is it just me or is 'striked' really not a word? Well, it probably isn't, too lazy to google, but I'm hoping that it would be...). It's not as easy as it looks/sounds/how I made it to be read. You need to have a lot of traffic in your website/blog/webpage before you could earn a decent amount of bucks.

So, I had this idea, of making a blog, and hoping people will be intrigued enough by me to actually create 'a big enough traffic', and of course click the ads that I would be posting, and I would earn enough money to live my life in long prosperity.

And if you are wondering why I would need the money, it is because every teenager (or any coherent person would think), with money, we can be happy, even just for a while. So a middle finger to those hypocrites, nay sayers, or whoever they are that says otherwise. Money can't buy you happiness but I'm taking my gamble and choosing to be rich ;)

So, yes, this is probably the end of my first post. Hope people will actually manage to find this blog and read and click on the ads that I will be adding sometime... soon... when I wouldn't be too lazy to actually figure out how this works.

So live, love, and smile... unless you're totally depressed then go get help. :)